They are the base routes of CAT and cover most of Europe, but also other parts of the world following the filosofia of the airlines.


They are targeted or of a certain duration, individual or collective of various sides, created at the initiative of the head of operations or one or more pilots.

CAT pilots can only add hours in their history when the routes authorized by the company (regular operations or alternative operations) and according to their level and habilitation, be it domestic or international. This does not prevent any member from making private flights using their CAT registration, but the flying hours in this case will not be added to their history as it is not an authorized route.

Although in the January 2008 version of ServInfo our airline has already been included and we were already in VRoute, in the remarks of the planned fly-by we must always put VOICE CATALONIAN on it.

Preferably, the route will be taken from VRoute. In case the route is not available, use is recommended RouteFinder to find a relatively real one. In any case, it is mandatory to submit the flight plan to VATSIM by linking to themyVATSIM Flight Planning. We encourage CAT pilots to add or amend VRoute airline routes that are unavailable.

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